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Good Things...

...come to those who sweat.

I love working out: dancing, acrobatics, gym, running...! It's my drug. 
Somehow I managed to give a promise to run a half marathon next year. I have to say that so far I have been running distances under 10 km. But I have found out that I enjoy running enough to take on longer distances. Now I just need to buy some decant winter running gear because until now I have been more of a summer runner.
Unfortunately I woke up with a fever yesterday and have to take it easy this week, hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. Next week I will be in London, so excited. Obviously I'm staying in a hotel with a gym! No excuses! :)


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O Christmas Tree

Jõulupuu ehtimine on meie peres alati oluline sündmus. Nii tore on imetleda hoolega valitud jõuluehteid ja asetada need ideaalsele kohale kuusel. Erilist tähendust omavad isa tehtud papist piarkoogišabloonid (sest 25 aastat tagasi polnud poest jõuluvana- või siilikujulist vormi) ja reisidelt kaasa toodud ehted. Neid kuusele riputades saab meenutada lapsepõlve piparkoogitegusid ja kauneid mälestusi erinevatest maadest. 
Trimming the tree is a really special occasion in our family. Looking at all the carefully picked ornaments and finding the right spot on the tree is a wonderful activity for the whole family. The most special ornaments are cardboard gingerbread moulds made by my dad (because 25 years ago you couldn't buy special shapes like a Santa or a hedgehog from the stores) and ornaments brought home from trips. Every year when we put them on the tree we are reminded of the wonderful memories connected with them.


This year we had one of those rare Midsummer Eves when one can wear a sundress instead of a parka and wellies. The setting sun gilded the fields and girls with flower crowns walked in the wild blooms of the meadow.  And though once the sun had disappeared behind the woods, the chill of a June night set in, the longest night of the year lost none of its magic. A magical evening turned into a mysterious night. When dusk melted into dawn, the first rays of the morning sun were greeted by a thick fog. 
Evenings like this on the meadow always make me feel like a fairy, wanting to dance in the evening light with the dress and hair all flying in the wind. There is something so mystical in moments like that, as if time disappears connecting us to some ancient era.

Jaanipäev õnnistas meid haruldlase võimalusega vahetada parka ja kummikud lendleva suvekleidi vastu. Jaaniõhtu päike kuldas põllud ja nendel hõljuvad pärjatud jaanikulised üle oma maagilise valgusega. Horisondi taha kadudes muutus p…

Wild Horses

Väljas muutuvad lehed aina kuldsemaks ja hommikud aina kargemaks. Mina aga leidsin selle imeilusa suvemeenutuse: päikseloojang, kilomeetrite kaupa puhast liiva, sinine taevas, rahulik meri ja mitukümmend imelist hobust. Harukordselt madal vesi muutis meie rannaniidu justkui Araabia liivadüünideks, kus päike kõrvetab ja ringi kappavad metsikud hobused.

The leaves are changing colour and the mornings are getting crisper, yet I found this lovely memory from this summer. Sunset, long stretches of white sandy beaches, blue skies, calm seas and a about fifty or so beautiful horses. Extraordinarily low sea levels turned our green and grassy beaches into Arabian sand dunes where the sun and wind were hot and wild horses roamed.