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The White Cami

So perfect for the summer, can be worn from day to night. I loooove it! 
Ideaalne suveks ja seda saab kanda nii päeval kui ka õhtustel üritustel. Minu üks suvelemmikuid!

Gina Tricot cami (similar HERE and HERE)


I'm going to keep it short today, I had a killer exam this morning and I'm exausted. I'm going to spend the next couple of hours watching Devious Maids but tomorrow I have to start studying again because I have my last exams next week... and then summer vacation, yay!  Here are some pictures of this gorgeous dress I bought a couple of months ago. 
Ma täna pikka juttu ei tee, sest mul oli hommikul jõhker eksam ja ma olen nii väsinud. Ma kavatsen järgnevad paar tundi veeta Devious Maids' vaadates. Homme pean aga järgmiseks eksamiks õppima hakkama. Õnneks saavab sess minu jaoks järgmise nädala lõpus läbi ja siis algab pikk suvepuhkus jee! :) Siin on aga pildid sellest ilusast rohlisest kleidist, mille ma mõned kuud tagasi ostsin. 

Zara dress

Life by the Sea

I found these pictures on one of my favourite interior design blogs SF Girl by Bay. Our new furniture was delivered on Monday and our coffee table should arrive today- yay! Now the only thing missing from our living room is a desk, but we have already figured out a solution. I'll be sure to take some pictures when everything is ready. Speaking of pictures, I have a lot of pictures for you in my Mac and my camera, but I don't have a charger right now, hopefully I'll get one soon. Then I can also talk to you about my training. Till then enjoy these gorgeous pictures! *** Ma leidsin need pildid ühest oma lemmikust sisustusblogist SF Girl by Bay. Ma olen olnud taas sisustuslainel, meie uus mööbel saabus esmaspäeval ja täna peaksime kohvilaua kätte saama, jee! Nüüd on ainult kirjutuslaud veel puudu, aga me juba mõtlesime ka sellele lahenduse välja. Ma teen kindlasti pilte, kui kõik valmis saab. Rääksides piltidest, mul on palju pilte oma Macis ja kaameras, aga mul pole praegu…


I love love loveee Free People's May catalogue. These pictures are so pretty and I want almost everything here. *** Mulle nii meeldib Free People' mai kataloog. Need pildid on nii kenad ja ma tahan siit peaaegu kõike.

Spring Greens

Remeber last week when I told you I drive everywhere... well I'm having my car serviced this week and therefore cannot drive anywhere :D It's ridiculous how helpless I am without my car. First of all I don't even know what busses to use because I recently moved to a totally different part of town. Secondly I have no idea how long my journey from A to B is going to take. I planned an extra hour so I would get to school in time... guess what? I was late! :D It's rather funny though. It is amazing how quickly we get used to things, I have had my licence for two years and I cannot imagine my life without a car, it feels like I'm missing a limb or something. Hopefully my bf can drive from school to dance practice and also pick me up after that and hopefully I can get my car back tomorrow at the latest. Btw, I am super exited because today I'm going to dance practice after a three-week pause. I have been struggling with a problem called periostitis that is basically…

Last Week

Hey, guys! This week did not start all that well for me- I woke up with a really soar throat and I think I have a fever. Plus the weather is super weird, it was snowing this morning, last Monday, however, I was sunbathing and could wear sandals and skirts. But it was so cold during the weekend and super windy, I must have caught a cold when I was at my summer cottage.  I really hope this is a one day thing... it simply has to be! It really sucks to be sick. Oh, and this outfit will be up tomorrow! :)  *** See nädal ei alanud minu jaoks kõige paremini- ma ärkasin väga vasti kurguvaluga ja ma kardan, et mul on palavik. Ja ilm on nii veider, täna hommikul sadas lund, eelmine esmaspäev sain ma päevitada ja seelikuid ja sandaale kanda. Aga nädalavahetusel läks nii külmaks ja tuuliseks ja ilmselt sain ma oma suvekodus külma. Ma loodan väga, et see on ühepäevane asi... lihtsalt peab olema! Ajaa, see outfiti postitus tuleb homme! :)