Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Arrive in Style

// Zara leather jacket, River Island T-shirt, H&M sweats and shoes //

Hahaa, mu näol oli too päev midagi viga! Võimalik, et asi oli eelmiseõhtuses kaua üleval olemises, aga me tegime umbes 150 pilti ja mulle tundus juba, et ma ei saa midagi kasutada, aga miskit ma ikka leidsin :D Ja veel... soe ilm, palun tule juba tagasi! 
Täna on aga pidulik päev, sest minu imearmasal emal on juubel ja ma peangi nüüd varsti talle appi lippama.  Ma küpsetasin talle suure bataadikoogi, mille retsepti ma varsti ka teiega jagan :)


Hahaa, there was definitely something wrong with my face that day. Maybe it had something to do with staying up too late the night before , but we took like a 150 photos and I thought that I could use none of them but there were a couple of decent ones :D Oh and another thing... I miss the warm weather!
Today is my sweet mother's jubilee and I'm going to go and help her with everything. I also baked her a nice big sweet potato cake, I'm going to share the recipe with you guys soon :)

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