Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Welllll... this is what usually happens when taking photos: I do something incredible ridiculous and cannot hold it together anymore because I know how weird that must have looked on camera. Well eventually I usually get my mojo back though, because otherwise there would be no pictures on the blog... ever :D 
Anyway, I'm going to have this outfit up by Thursday and I mean the normal pictures not wired ones like this! :)

Tavaline situatsioon: Me teeme pilti, ma teen midagi eriti totakat ja ei suuda enam üldse keskenduda, sest ma tean kui idiootne see pildil välja nägi. Hea küll, üldiselt ma suudan ennast lõpuks siiski kokku võtta, sest muidu poleks siin üldse kunagi mingeid pilte :D
Igaljuhul tuleb see outfit blogisse neljapäeval ja siis juba viisakamte piltide näol kui see! :)

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