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// Asos, Sheiside, Sheinside, Sheinside //
Craving for some cool twist wrap dresses :)

Good Things...

...come to those who sweat.

I love working out: dancing, acrobatics, gym, running...! It's my drug.  Somehow I managed to give a promise to run a half marathon next year. I have to say that so far I have been running distances under 10 km. But I have found out that I enjoy running enough to take on longer distances. Now I just need to buy some decant winter running gear because until now I have been more of a summer runner. Unfortunately I woke up with a fever yesterday and have to take it easy this week, hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. Next week I will be in London, so excited. Obviously I'm staying in a hotel with a gym! No excuses! :)


//Zara jeans and boots, DIY blouse, H&M necklace, Abro bag, Michael Kors watch, Terranova coat//

Wouldn't Mind Wearing

....this comfy and warm outfit. Looking at the weather forecast it seems only reasonable to start wearing parkas soon. And I'm going to need this sweater in a couple of weeks, haha! :D When it comes to these classical Timberland boots, I think it is finally time a pair of these found their way into my closet! 
Hea meelega kannaks täna seda outfiti. Vaadates ilmateadet, tundub see ka üsna asjakohane. Ma arvan, et mul on seda sviitrit paari nädala pärast vaja, hahaa! :D Ja mis puudutab neid klassikalisi Timberlandi saapaid, siis ma usun, et on aeg, et need leiaksid tee minu kappi!


I have such a busy day today, but really fun and exiting too. I just finished one photo shoot for Sportland and have another one in the afternoon. Plus gym, acrobatics class, studying and a mid-term test Spanish (not so fun :D) and a dance gig in the evening. Now I really have to run. Wish me luck on my mid-term! :)


I spent the weekend in my summer cottage. I just love the autumn colours, even when it's raining the nature is still so beautiful. Luckily it was sunny on Saturday and I could even squeeze in a 7km run in the evening, just before the sunset. I loved it! 
Ma veetsin nädalavahetuse oma suvekodus. Ma jumaldan sügisvärve looduses, isegi kui vihma sajab on väljas ikkagi nii ilus. Õnneks aga oli laupäeval ka päikest ja mul õnnestus isegi õhtul üks mõnus 7km jooks teha. Täpselt enne päikeseloojangut- super!

Sweater Weather

Anja Rubik by Lachlan Bailey for Paris Vogue


// H&M dress, Parfois clutch //
This is what i wore to my birthday party. I adore backless dresses and with this little number from H&M it really was love at first sight for me.
See on mu sünnipäevapeo outfit. Ma jumaldan lahtise seljaga kleite ja sellesse H&M kleiti armusin ma kohe kui seda nägin.


I can't remember if I've told you about this blog called Made in Persbo by Carina Olander. But even if I have it is worth mentioning again- one of my favorites for sure! Carina is a photographer who mostly shoots interiors, the photos are so pretty and I am a huge fan of this sort of a scandinavian style. Looking at this blog makes me wanna be in my summer cottage. 
Ma ei mäleta enam, kas ma olen teile juba rääkinud ühest oma lemmik blogist  Made in Persbo. Seda peab fotograaf Carina Olander, kes pildistab põhiliselt interjööre ja kõik ta pildid on niiii ilusad. Mulle väga meeldib seda laadi skandinaavialik stiil. Neid pilte vaadates, tahaksin ma praegu oma suvekodus olla.

Pictures Carina Olander  Made in Persbo


// Zara sweaterleggings and booties (last season), H&M necklace, Parfois sunnies, Michael Kors watch //

Wishing for...

...this outfit. Yes, I think I'm in desperate need of these H&M shorts.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. I had a wonderful day, big love to all of you guys, who wished me happy birthday! :) It was such a busy day, though. Between preparations for entertaining guests in the evening, gym, school and homework, cooking again after school and then having a small party with my family, I had no time to take photos. And my phone takes such crappy photos because the glass in front of the lens is scratched. But I got a new phone for my birthday (and a trip to London, super excited!!!). I just need to get a new SIM card and then I'll be an iPhone user again after 5 years of using Android... It will probably need some getting used to :)


Eile oli mu 25.sünnipäev. Mul oli super tore päev, nii paljud inimesed soovisid mulle palju õnne :)
Aga see oli ka mega kiire päev: hommik algas ettevalmistustega külaliste vastuvõtuks, siis jõusaali, kooli (ärme kodutöödest parem räägimegi), siis …