Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Week

As many of you wanted me to tell you more about my workouts I thought I'd share my last weeks training plan with you guys.

Workouts: 9
Hours: 14,5
Monday- morning: gym (legs+core) 1,5h
Tuesday- morning: gym (upper body+core) 1,5h, evening: dance practice (with some NTC cardio action) 2h
Wednesday- evening: dance practice 1,5h
Thursday- morning: gym (legs+core) 1,5h, evening: acrobatics 2h
Friday: morning: gym (upper body+core) 1,5h + 30min of dance elements (turns and jumps)
Saturday: morning: acrobatics 2h, evening: Nike Youth Run (about 4km in 0:22:26.3)- sloowww but it was my first run this year :) I hope to squeeze in one run per week from now on, hopefully I can find time for it in my training plan.
Sunday- FREE

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