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// Zara: jacket HERE, pants HERE, boots HERE, T-shirt (old) //
Black is definitely back. In spring I start hoarding white tops and when autumn comes I find myself shopping for a lot of black stuff (and some crimson for sure), but thats only natural in our climate. But I'll probably never be one of those people who's closet is filled with black stuff, I like colour too much for that! Happy Monday, everybody! I'm excited, it's my birthday tomorrow! :)

Barely There

/ H&M top and belt, Zara pants, Michael Kors watch /
I've been the worst fashion blogger these past weeks. I've had no time to take photos or the weather has been terrible and I hate to take photos inside. But finally that's exactly what I did yesterday. I just really wanted to show this beautiful satin top from H&M.  Now I'm off to buy some plates and stuff for my birthday, because I realized I don't have enough of those. Hopefully I can take some dissent photos today, too.  Enjoy your Sunday! 
Ma pole viimastel nädalatel just kõige eeskujulikum blogija olnud. Mul pole olnud aega pilte teha või siis on ilm olnud täiesti juba ja mulle tõesti ei meeldi toas pilte teha. Aga lõpuks ma ikkagi just seda eile tegin. Aga ma lihtsalt väga tahtsin teile näidata seda ilusat satiintoppi.  Aga nüüd ma lippan poodi oma sünnipäeva jaoks taldrikuid ja muud sellist kraami ostma, sest ma taipasin, et mul ei ole neid piisavalt.  Ilusat pühapäeva!


You all know I love Free People's campaign photos, and their clothes, too, of course, so here is their September catalogue. Love the boohoo chick style :)


Zara biker boots HERE 
Major boot craving. It is stuff like that that makes me feel slightly less sad about not being able to wear my open toe shoes soon. Autumn does have it perks-the fashion is fabulous :) Happy Friday everyone! :)
Kui ma mõtlen kurbusega sellele, et varsti ma ei saa enam oma lahtisi kingi kanda, siis sellised saapad teevad mu tuju veidi rõõmsamaks. Sügisel on omad plussid: sügismood on alati vinge! Ilusat reedet! :)

Last Week

As many of you wanted me to tell you more about my workouts I thought I'd share my last weeks training plan with you guys.

Workouts: 9 Hours: 14,5
Details: Monday- morning: gym (legs+core) 1,5h Tuesday- morning: gym (upper body+core) 1,5h, evening: dance practice (with some NTC cardio action) 2h Wednesday- evening: dance practice 1,5h Thursday- morning: gym (legs+core) 1,5h, evening: acrobatics 2h Friday: morning: gym (upper body+core) 1,5h + 30min of dance elements (turns and jumps) Saturday: morning: acrobatics 2h, evening: Nike Youth Run (about 4km in 0:22:26.3)- sloowww but it was my first run this year :) I hope to squeeze in one run per week from now on, hopefully I can find time for it in my training plan.
Sunday- FREE


//Boohoo top and sneakers, DIY shorts//
You know the feeling when you look at a picture of yourself and think "Is that how I really look like?" For me it was exactly what happened with these images. My first question was "Am I really that muscular?" :D So funny... I guess you just don't notice the transformation that much when you see yourself in the mirror every day because it is so gradual.  Well, I'm off to the gym now. And tomorrow me together with about 80 other TUT Cheerleaders are participating in the Nike Youth Run :) Have a nice weekend, lovelies! 
Olete te kunagi vaadanud mõnda pilti ja mõelnud "Kas ma näen päriselt ka selline välja?" Täpselt nii juhtus minul nende piltidega. Mu esineme küsimus oli "Kas ma olen tegelikult ka nii lihaseline?" :D Nii naljakas... ilmselt on muutusi ennast iga päev peeglist vaadates raskem märgata kuna muutused on ju nii järk-järgulised.  Aga nüüd on aeg jõuksi minna. Ja homme osaleme TTÜ Tants…

My Sweet Summer...

I stumbled upon these photos while browsing through my computer today. What a beautiful summer we had. I just loved the long hot sunny days spent with friends and family and the feeling that the summer will last forever. 
Sattusin täna oma arvutis tuhlates nende piltide peale. See suvi oli lihtsalt imeline, kõik need pikad kuumad päevad veedetud koos sõprade ja perega ja see tunne, et suvi ei saa kunagi otsa.

Audition Time

Wearing Nike Photos by Andrei Ozdoba
This Wednesday TUT Cheerleaders held their biggest auditions so far. It was a super awesome evening with my favorite people. And it was really cool to see so many new faces as well. And to top it all off I was nominated Sportland's favorite dancer.  This year we have five different teams. I have been a member of the basketball cheer team since 2009 and I'm starting my sixth season now... and I love it.  We have at least two dance practices and two acrobatics classes a week. In addition to that I go to the gym four times a week. So I work out approximately 14 hours a week. But I wouldn't have it any other way. This is not just a hobby, this is my love and my passion and the time put into it is so worth it :) And we have the most amazing punch of crazy awesome people.  ♥ BIG LOVE to my teammates! ♥
 Sellel kolmapäeva olid TTÜ Tantsutüdrukute auditionid ja need peeti suurema ja vägevamana kui kunagi varem. See oli tõeliselt vinge õhtu …


Vouge US September 2014
I love this editorial, I love the clothes but I really love the dogs. Huskies are one of my favorites, I adore those wolf-like wild eyes. 
Mulle väga meeldib see moelugu. Mulle meeldivad need riided, aga eriti meeldivad mulle need koerad! Huskid on ühed mu lemmikud, mind lummavad need hundilikud silmad.