Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm back in town but I'm already missing the countryside even tough I've been here only a couple of hours. It is so hot and I miss the opportunity to jump in the sea whenever I want. Yes, there are beaches in Tallinn, but my summer cottage is right on the sea shore so you don't have to go to the beach, you are at the beach all the time.  
I of course have some more pictures to show you from my time spent in the country side,  I'll probably post them during this week.
Oh, and this picture is preview of tomorrow's post :)


Ma olen tagasi linnas, aga olgugi, et olen siin olnud vaid paar tundi, igatsen ma juba maale tagasi. Kuna on nii palav igatsen ma võimallust iga kell vette karata. Jah, muidugi on Tallinnas randu küllaga, aga mu suvekodu on merekaldal ja randa ei pea minema, sa oledki koguaeg rannas.
Mul on maal veedetud ajast veel mitmeid pilte ja ma näitan neid teile ilmselt selle nädala jooksul.
See pilt aga on homse postituse piilukas :)

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