Friday, July 18, 2014

Lazy Mornings

I just love these lazy summer mornings in the country side when you step outside and the warm air hits you like a thick wall. For some this sort of a weather is too much but for me it is just perfect, the warmer the better. What I really love is that you can spend the whole day in your bikinis enjoying the sun.
Ma nii naudin neid laisku suvehommikuid maal kui sa astud õue ja kuum õhk tuleb sulle vastu nagu sein. Paljude jaoks on selline ilm liig, kui minule see just meeldib- mida soojem, seda parem! Veel üks asi, mida ma armastan, on see, et sa saad terve päeva veeta bikiinides päikest nautides.

Wearing H&M

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