Saturday, February 1, 2014

Real vs Steal

Real Chanel Boy bags about 3200€ vs Steal from Persunmall about 70€ (Find them here starting from top to bottom: HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE)

I think I really need the first and the last one. Unfortunately the first one seems to be sold out in black and they only have blue right now, but hopefully it will be back in stock soon. If not I think I am going to order the third one,  though the last one is also really pretty in black, but for now I going to wait a bit and see. 
If money wasn't an issue, I would buy a real Chanel, but at this point the price is a bit :D too much  for me.
Which one would you choose?


Ma arvan, et mul on vaja esimest ja viimast kotti. Kahjuks on esimene praegu mustana välja müüdud ja seda on ainult sinises toonis, aga ma loodan, et seda äkki tuleb juurde. Kui mitte, siis ma usun, et ma tellin kolmada koti, kuigiiiii mulle meedlib ka viimane mustana, aga ma praegu natukene ootan ja vaatan. 
Muidugi ma pean ausalt tunnistama, et kui raha poleks küsimus, eelistaksin ma ehtsat Chaneli, aga see hind on minu jaoks praegu pisut :D liig.
Milline on teie lemmik?

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  1. Muideks ebays on seda musta ca 25 euro eest saadaval :)