Friday, January 31, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ilusat reedet! Väljas on ikka niiiii külm, age meil siiski õnnestus eile teha mõned pildid. Aga me pildistasime need mega kiirelt- mõne minutiga. Selle ilmaga on võimatu kanda midagi peale villaste kampsunite, termosukkade ja kasukate.
Toredat nädalavahetust! :)


Happy Friday, cupcakes! It is still cold as hell here but we did manage to take some outfit pictures yesterday. We took them in a real hurry, though. It is impossible to wear anything but wool sweaters, thermo thighs and (faux) fur coats with this weather. 
Have a fun weekend! :)

Terranova coat (similar HERE)
Zara sweater (similar HERE)
Miss Rebel skirt (similar HERE,  and I also want THIS ONE)
H&M scarf and beanie
Reserved bag (I really like THIS ONE)
Zara boots (similar HERE)

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