Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Everyone who knows me also knows that I have a minor obsession with shoes! :D And many people have told me, that they would like to see what my shoe shelve looks like. So here it is - a little post about my heels. People say that I have a lot of shoes, but I would not agree at all!!! Yeah, sure, I might have a bit more shoes than the next person BUT as a someone who reads a lot of fashion blogs and has there for seen many shoe collections I know that this is nothing :D Damn, now I feel like I really need to go shoe shopping! :) I tried to write a bit a about how my taste has changed in time and show you how the madness started :D

 I bought these in highschool

High school (up) and middle school (down) graduation I remember when I got the white ones, I was soooo happy, I wanted them so badly, that it hurt! They are from Bronx. Pink ones are Odeon and I got them from Trend Express and they seemed so high back then.

Bought these form Spain in 2006 and wore them A LOT, very comfy, probably because they aren't that high (again, seemed a lot higher when I got them).

These were my babies, from I think 2004/2005 or something. I was completly obsessed with these and thought they were the highest, most amazing booties ever! They actually have a really low heel :D

As you can see as the years passed I started getting shoes with higher heels. These actually are starting to reach a acceptable height and look. Very comfy, they are form Love Label. But again, when I got them, it seemed, that they were the highest heels ever... wrong again :D

And present day! These are my highest babies, 16cm heel! 

My favourite pair for this summer, not very high, but oh so pretty!

Pretty snakeskin pumps from Friis&Co, quite high but yet very comfertable

Super high wedges I got from Stockholm this spring, I have actually worn these for super long shopping trips and still been comfy!

Shoe rainbow :)

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