Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Insta Summer

Lately my posts have been quite picture based and I promise I will try to find more time for my blog!
Here's a little over view of my summer... not much of a summer actually, first of all because the weather has been terrible, honestly I can't remember a summer this cold! And secondly I had no vacation this summer, but well, I still managed to get away from Tallinn a couple a times to spend some time in our summer cottage :)


Viimasel ajal on postitused olnud üsna sisuvaesed ja koosnenud rohkem piltidest. Ma üritan ennast parandada ja blogile rohkem aega pühendada!
Siin on pisike ülevaade minu suvest... pole küll suurem asi suvi olnud, esiteks kuna ilmad on lihtsalt jubedad olnud, ma ausalt ei mäleta nii külma suve! Ja teiseks polnud mul see suvi puhkust. Õnneks õnnestus mul siiski Tallinnast paaril korral pääseda ja sõita mõneks päevaks oma suvekodusse :)

Fave summer shoes and shorts!

Finally bought myself some curlers

Family lunch :)

Shopping with the girls aka pinkjeantwins (we could have been triplets, but I didn't wear mine that day, obviously I didn't get the memo :D)

Found the perfect blue jeans from Zara

Best  dish ever- chanterelle sauce and fresh potatoes

Green Fest- I Blame Coco and Tinie Tempah

On the ferry to Vormsi with my hun

Berry picking 

Making pancakes in Vormsi

Freshly made blueberry jam

Some more berry picking in Vormsi

Back to Tallinn, nooooooo!!!

Obsessed over this denim shirt

THE BEST muesli bar ever made!

Dancing with Jane at Venus


Shopping for fall wardrobe

New dress and cardigan from Ivo Nikkolo

And yesterday was the first day when I truly felt that this is it, the summer is over!
Oh well, at least I'm having fun shopping for my fave fall pieces :D And my bday is in September, wiiii :)

Have a great day cupcakes! 


  1. ohsa, see kraega valge kampsun on kust pärit? ka Nikkolo?

  2. Ei ole Nikkolo, see on Derhy ja seda leiab Kaubamajast või siit http://www.derhy.com/pull-athos-W240017.html :)