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Busy Bee

I just wanted to stop by for a quick hello. I had a super busy day today and now after work and cooking (there will be a post about what I made tomorrow) and cleaning I'm going to crash into bed. I also did some shopping today so that's going to be up here in a couple of days as well... and the outfit post too :) Till then, good night! ♥

Blink vs Charlotte Olympia

I have wanted these kitty flats since the moment I first saw them but there was no way I could afford those unless a money tree started growing in my back yard. So I had kind of given up on my hope to ever get these beauties. But today I saw that Blink has made their version and it is very budget friendly! Yay!!! :)
Ma olen neid kiisu papusid tahtnud alates hetkest kui ma neid esimest korda nägin. Aga ma teadsin, et ma ei saa neid endale lubada, kui mul just rahapuu hoovis kasvama ei hakka. Nii et ma olin nende saamise lootuse juba maha matnud. Aga täna nägin ma, et Blink on teinud oma versiooni, mis on ka äärmiselt rahakoti sõbralik. Jeeeee! :)
 Charlotte Olympia 587€

 Blink 39€

Riding Boots

My number one fall essintials for sure! More pictures coming soon! Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)

Boots from Ivo Nikkolo (find them HERE)


Tere, kullakesed! Plaanisin juba ammu uut giveaway'd korraldada ja siin see nüüd on. Ja see kord on auhind üsna magus!!! :) Auhinnaks on minu valmistatud unikaalne kleit. Kleit on mündirohelisest shifoonist ja pitsist. See on ONE SIZE (sobib XS-M ja pisema ülekehaga L). Loodan, et teile auhind meeldib, nii et kõik osalema! :) Võitja kuulutan välja 30.septembril ja võtija valib

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Hi, sweeties! I have been planning a giveaway for quite some time and finally here it is!  This time the prize is pretty awesome! The giveaway is opened internationally! I am giving a away a one of a kind dress made by me. It is made of mint green chiffon and lace and it is ONE SIZE (XS-M and L if you have a smaller upper body). I hope you guys like the prize! Here is what yo…

Original Skin

I found this cool brand a couple of weeks ago and I think their designs are quite ingenious. As the name says their clothes are original and bold. They say that their designs each have individual meaning, historical significance and a message.  Their current collection Nostalgia consists of these four pieces: Newspaper, Octopus, Pin Up and Rosa Parks. A especially like the one with the octopus. And right now they have a special online store launch offer -50% off! And though they are originally designed for men they can definitely be worn by us girls as well! :)  So check it out HERE! :)
You can also find them on Facebook


Good morning, sweeties! I just have to show you this T-shirt I found from Zara. Its so cooool! The feel of it reminds me a bit of this Givenchy T-shirt. And the print, I love wolves, they are just such beautiful animals!
Hommik, kullakesed! Ma lihtsalt pean teile näitama seda T-särki, mille ma Zara'st leidsin. See on niiiii äge!!! See meenutab oma stiililt mulle natukene seda Givenchy T-särki. Ja selle särgi print- hundid on lihtsalt nii võimsad ja ilusad loomad!

T-shirt Zara 

Shades of Clay

I took some photos of my new Ivo Nikkolo pieces. Because I was home alone I had to use the remote. Obviously I'm not very goot at hiding it as you can see it in almost every picture :D The dress is made of cupro fabric so it feels so soft and drapes amazingly! The cardigan is 100% Merino wool so it's perfect for upcoming fall and winter.
Tegin mõned pildid oma uutest Ivo Nikkolo asjdest. Ja kuna ma olin üksi kodus, siis pidin ma kasutama piltide tegemiseks pulti. Ilmselgelt pole ma selles veel väga osav, sest see on näha peaaegu igal pildil :D Aga see on kindlasti kordades mugavam, kui lihtsalt self-timeri kasutamine. Kleit on valmistatud cupro kangast ja see on nii pehme ja drapeerub suurepäraselt. Kampsun on 100% Merino villa nii et see on ideaalne tulevaks sügis-talveks.

Cardigan and dress from Ivo Nikkolo Shoes Charles & Keith
Good night! ♥

Meet Garru

Hahaa, obviously he didn't want to be in this picture with me :D A little preview of a post that sould be up tonight! Stay tuned!
Hahaaa, ilmselgelt ei tahtnud ta minuga sellel pildil olla :D See on väike preview postitusest, mille ma loodan täna õhtuks üles saada. Stay tuned!

Insta Summer

Lately my posts have been quite picture based and I promise I will try to find more time for my blog! Here's a little over view of my summer... not much of a summer actually, first of all because the weather has been terrible, honestly I can't remember a summer this cold! And secondly I had no vacation this summer, but well, I still managed to get away from Tallinn a couple a times to spend some time in our summer cottage :)
Viimasel ajal on postitused olnud üsna sisuvaesed ja koosnenud rohkem piltidest. Ma üritan ennast parandada ja blogile rohkem aega pühendada! Siin on pisike ülevaade minu suvest... pole küll suurem asi suvi olnud, esiteks kuna ilmad on lihtsalt jubedad olnud, ma ausalt ei mäleta nii külma suve! Ja teiseks polnud mul see suvi puhkust. Õnneks õnnestus mul siiski Tallinnast paaril korral pääseda ja sõita mõneks päevaks oma suvekodusse :)

Fave summer shoes and shorts!
Finally bought myself some curlers

Family lunch :)

Shopping with the girls aka pinkjean…