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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my sweet readers! Hopefully 2013 will be even better than 2012! I wish you the best and may all your dreams come true! ❤ XOXO

Last Peek

Last "sneak peak" post of the year... this my New Year's Eve outfit :)

Dream Outfit

I would really like to wear that tomorrow...


Täna on mul tõeliselt laisk laupäev. Ma olen oma elukaaslasega diivanil lösutanud, sest me oleme mõlemad endiselt veidi tõbised. Nii et me joome kõvasti meega teed ja sööme rohtusid ja üritame terveks saada. Nüüd ma hakkan süüa tegema- ma teen kalkuni strogonovi. Nautige 2012 aasta viimast nädalavahetust! :)
Today I'm having a really lazy Saturday. I've been lounging on the couch with my boyfriend, we are both still feeling a bit under the weather. So we are drinking a lot of tea with honey and eating our meds  and hopefully we'll get better soon. Now I'm gonna go and start dinner- I'm making turky stroganaff.  Enjoy the last weekend of 2012! :)

New Yorker leather jacket Vila vest H&M shirt vintage Levi's jeans Charles&Keith Booties

In My New PJs

Last night wearing my new super cute PJs from Seppälä.

Frosted Walls

Mul on õnnestunud külmetuda ja see tõttu pakkisin ennast täna eriti soojalt sisse. Pidin hunnikus erinevaid asju ajama ja emaga natukene kaubanduses kolama ning apteeki külastama, sest Sudafedi tabletid on praegu elupäästjad (öähh, ma vihkan nohu!). Kuid tore on see, et täna oli ilm jälle talvisem. Mulle nii meedlib, kuidas seinad on kaetud mõnusa koheva härmatise kihiga.

I have managed to catch a cold and therefore I wore some extra warm clothes today. I had lots of errands to run, did a little shopping with my mum and went to the pharmacy of course, because Sudafed is a real lifesaver right now (I hate it when I have a stuffy nose!!!).
On the bright side, the weather was a bit colder today.  I love the way all the walls in old town were covered with frost.

Parka Vero Moda Jeans, shirt and sweater Zara Bag Charles&Keith Booties Trendexpress Watch Michael Kors

Throwback Not Thursday

The year 2012 is coming to an end. So here is a little review of the past year :) How do you guys feel when you look back at 2012?

Louis Vuitton Present Gstaad Resort

Supervinge video Louis Vuitton'lt peaosas Šveitsist pärit moeblogija Kristina Bazan'ga.
Amazing video from Louis Vuitton starring a Swiss blogger Kristina Bazan.

Red for Christmas Day

Morning sweets! Here are some photos from Tuesday, when it was still nice and wintery here in Tallinn. Today the snow is thawing and I don't like it at all!!! Hopefully it will get a bit colder again soon and we'll get winter wonderland back! 

Vintage faux fur coat Abro bag Bershka shoes (my favourite pair for Christmas as you can see!)